Attrition, Vacations, Sicknesses

Traditionally, good programmers always were the deficit, but by the end of 2014, the situation has changed.

Today, there are lots of specialists, but not all of them that are really good ones. The following percentage rate shows that 12% – 14% of all released IT specialists are people who left simply because they like changing their jobs and 18%-20% include those who were driven by the company, they can be bad experts and unable to be a team player. However, the table below shows the duties to be fulfilled before leaving the job:

Terms of leaving

Considering the vacation, the total period amount to 4 weeks, however, barely few companies allow to have it that long. It is mainly divided into two or more parts depending on the agreement you have with a company:


Other issues to be pre-discussed before you consider the employment is sick leave and terms of salary calculation due to the diseases. According to Ukrainian legislation, everything depends on the experience you have:

Sick leave