Who should go?

Since global IT outsourcing companies have a lot to offer to their clients, there is a need to find out what regions meet the most basic requirements and why defining the key services should prior to contacting an IT outsourcing services providers.

Pros and cons of Ukrainian IT market in terms of specific services

Pros and cons of Ukrainian IT market in terms of specific services

The main facts based on which business owner may consider whether enter the Ukrainian IT market or not

  1. Custom software development or new product development with mainstream technologies (Java, MS stack, C/C++, Web and mobile development) are ideal projects to be outsourced to Ukraine. Ukraine’s software engineers can implement them as a fixed price project or work along with your team member within the staff augmentation approach.
  2. Ukraine is viewed as the so-called boutique for the IT market capacity – high-quality services, yet in smaller amounts, than, say, India offers. This is owing to both the size of the country and population. Ukrainian IT sector cannot provide thousands of people performing support tasks or being employed by a single company or client. Moreover, being rather goal-oriented than process-straitened the Ukrainian IT specialists would target working on challenging technology projects and try to avoid repetitive support or maintenance tasks.
  3. Outsourcing call-centers in Ukraine are certainly not the best option for your business. Due to the aforementioned reason, Asians will be better here owing to the availability of English speaking staff. The additional strong desire to grow and a higher salary among Ukrainian specialist will make your call center expensive and cause high attrition.
  4. Mainframe projects are not Ukrainian bee’s knee as well. The specialists in enterprise solution and ERP are of extremely short quantity; therefore, employing such in Ukraine will cost a lot and only in case of a small project.
  5. Support, virtual assistance and BPO centers servicing small or mid-size projects is what you can rely on Ukrainian IT specialists in. Performative and professional, you can be sure of the highest quality job done. Yet, Ukrainian IT outsourcing sector is still lacking a significant number of the specialists to successfully complete the aforementioned tasks.