Who are we and why do we run this blog?

IT Outsourcing Review team is a group of IT experts who have been working in the IT outsourcing industry for over 20 years. We have started in the 90s and have been establishing along with the industry from its early times until now when Ukraine is becoming one of the leading IT Outsourcing destination in the world. We have gone through all the stages of the industry development. We’ve learned a lot about the potential, risks, benefits and challenges of the Ukrainian IT Outsourcing Industry. And we understand the reasons and consequences of all pros and cons.

On the other side, having worked for the US and European partners for we have learned most of their needs and drivers, main risks and problems… We have seen a lot of satisfied clients that have come to Ukraine some 10-15 years ago and continue extending their business here. We have also observed numbers of disappointed companies attempting to apply practices, successfully working in India or USA, to Ukrainian IT market and then struggled with ineffective teams. There have also been many companies that moved their business to Ukraine from other locations and successfully benefit here. Fortunately, we know only a few cases when a client moves from Ukraine to other countries and this is mainly due to internal political reasons.

We have seen a lot of challenges and mistakes the companies make when coming to Ukraine. We remember many promising engagements which failed or did not benefit due to wrong assumptions the Ukrainian market made.

And, finally, we have decided to leverage our experience and help newcomers at the Ukrainian IT market or those who are only thinking about coming to it. We start IT Outsourcing Blog to share our knowledge obtained within the last two decades; to present unbiased vision on Ukrainian IT Outsourcing; and to show the opportunities, challenges and risks which you would better know before starting new endeavor in Ukraine rather than learning on your own experience. We have also decided it would be a great idea to extract an essential info from our posts and place it into a single document which could serve as a guide. We call it IT Outsourcing Playbook and post it on a separate page. This is a live document we plan to keep updated with fresh info from the latest posts.

Read our Blog and Playbook. Feel free to ask questions. Clarify any details you would like to learn in order to gain more benefits from Ukrainian IT industry. Analyze the info and apply it. We do not pretend that our blog will provide the exhaustive information. Moreover, the blog will only present our team’s vision on Ukrainian IT Outsourcing market which may not coincide with your or others points of views. But we would be very glad to know that our blog helped you to avoid outsourcing traps and to increase the efficiency of your business!

We will be your eyes and ears inside one of the most popular outsourcing destinations –


– Yours, IT Outsourcing Review team