12th Engineering Job Fair – Invest in the Future

Engineering Job Fair is the largest job fair in Western Ukraine held annually for 12 consecutive years. Do not miss the opportunity to get acquainted with the representatives of leading Ukrainian and European companies. We are providing the chance to find your favorite job and to make the first step towards professional success! Everything is happening in the live mode: companies offer vacancies and internships, and students discuss job opportunities with the company’s representatives.

The project aims at helping students to find a job and companies - to find specialists as well as present themselves.

EJF provides for the companies:

  • initiative workers among the visitors of the event;
  • the best way to present your company for students at the moment when they plan their future career;
  • the possibility to establish professional relations with representatives of other companies.

EJF provides for the students:

  • the opportunity to communicate directly with the employer and to get a job or internship in Ukrainian or foreign companies.

As the result of the Eleventh Engineering Fair, 63 companies participated in the Fair with over 5,000 attendees and these figures grow annually.

What to expect from this-year Job Fair?

  • Presentations from over 60 leading Ukrainian and European companies;
  • Meetings with well-known and successful people where you can ask relevant questions or simply listen;
  • Prize drawings and valuable gifts;
  • Networking after the first day of the fair;
  • Fun and useful time spendig.

About BEST

BEST Lviv (Board of European Students) - an international non-profit, non-political organization founded in 1989 by students of technical faculties for the purpose of student development, self-development, provision of additional education and satisfaction of professional ambitions. BEST provides the exchange of knowledge and cooperation between students, companies and universities across Europe.

BEST Lviv has been working on the basis of the National University "Lviv Polytechnic" for students during 15 years.

Our projects:

  • Engineering Job Fairs;
  • ЕВЕС (European Engineering Competition),
  • BEST Hackathon;
  • BEST Courses;
  • BEST Training Week, BEST Speaking Club, TEDx Lviv Polytechnic, 5 lesson.

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