Cost of living analysis: TOP-5 Ukrainian IT cities

Cost of living in the TOP-5 Ukrainian IT cities differs with the industry growth. In the article below we have analyzed and compared the prices for rent of apartment, office, travel expenses and utilities in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv, Dnipro, and Odesa as well as how the industry impacts the prices.

Rental apartment

Comparing the market of rental residential premises, the prices in 2018 went approximately by UAH 1 thousand up compared to 2017. The prices, of course, extremely dependent on the location of the apartment in relation to the city center as well as business centers. For instance, in Lviv, the prices for the apartment are quite the same in the center and in the area where numerous IT companies rent their office premises. Therefore, a few years ago the rent was based on how remote from the central part the apartment was located, however, today this is not the key index. In the graph below we provide the average rental prices in the 5 most popular Ukrainian cities in 2018.

Average monthly rent for an apartment in 2018 (USD)

Based on the data provided, we can see that Kyiv is the most expensive city in Ukraine whereas Kharkiv and Dnipro occupy the position of the cheapest in terms of rent in the list.


Prices for apartment usually do not include the utilities; therefore, these shall be added when analyzing the rent. Generally, the utilities expenses are the same in all Ukrainian cities except for prices for cold and hot water: these differ depending on the city.

Average prices for utilities in 2018 (USD)

From the above chart we can say that hot water is the most expensive constituent amidst the utilities, however, due to the complicated political situation in Ukraine, gas today is the most troublesome issue as it is being used in the heating systems of most Ukrainian households.

Office premises

With the development of the IT industry, the number of office premises available for lease is also growing, however, today, it still fails to meet the demand completely. Talking about the classes of the offices, there is a very small amount of business centers providing A/A+ calls offices as the experts consider this unnecessary. Many IT companies today rent B or C class offices and prefer to design them according to their tastes and vision. Fortunately, most providers agree to such an idea.

Monthly office rent by classes per sq. m in 2018 (USD)

As we observe from the chart, A/A+ class offices are the most expensive for rent in Lviv as there are very few business centers providing this type of premises, whereas there is a sufficient number of B and C classes, therefore, the prices are equal to other IT cities. Dnipro provides the cheapest offices for rent which is very attractive to companies and startups.

Travel expenses

The charts below provide the average prices for a one-way ticket in the public transport vs monthly passes in the TOP-5 cities.

One-way ticket prices in 2018 (USD) Monthly pass prices in 2018 (USD)

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