Happy Constitution Day, Ukraine!

Today Ukraine celebrates one of its greatest and most significant national holidays - the Constitution Day!

This day has forever entered the contemporary history of our society. In 1996, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, expressing the sovereign will of the citizens of our country and relying on the centuries-old history of Ukrainian statehood and on world experience, adopted the Basic Law of Ukraine - the Constitution which guaranteed the rights and freedoms, as well as brought Ukraine closer to the countries with developed democracy and cemented the independence of the new European state.

Since democratic development has never been an easy path, we have to get patient, strong and believe that the next generations of Ukrainians will live in a completely different country, which can be proudly called a constitutionally developed and legal European state. The Constitution's supreme legal force, the rule of law, political, economic and ideological diversity are the fundamental foundations for the future of the Ukrainian people.

Let's cherish and shape a free, just, solidary society along with a powerful and prosperous country, established on the foundations of European democracy.

Best regards, IT Outsourcing Review: Ukraine team!

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