Happy Independence Day!

Today is by far the most important day for the Ukrainian nation - the Independence Day!

Freedom came to our country only 29 years ago, and we managed to nurture it, to cherish it, and grow it despite all the bad around. Freedom is in our hearts and minds, in our spirit and our souls. Ukrainian people have fought for freedom throughout its history and continue doing that today. In that constant struggle, the country manages to develop and withstand the threats coming from both outside and inside. Indeed, it’s been a bumpy road for the nation, yet, that way it only becomes stronger.

For the past six years, the Ukrainian Army is defending our land and sovereignty against our neighbor in the east. Thousand of our patriots have died, thousands of our patriots have been injured, and thousands of our patriots have still been there standing against the enemy and protecting the rest of the country every day. We are grateful for everything that you have done! We cannot be more proud of living at the same time as you – the true heroes of our days. We truly hope that you come back home to your families safe. Thank you!

The country remains free as long as there are those who want to be free. The country is all about its citizens. So, let’s be decent children of our Motherland!


Live long and prosper!

Photo credit:Ukraine Travel News

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