Happy Independence Day, Ukraine!

Today is one of the most significant, outstanding and historical days for Ukraine - Independence Day! Ukraine has turned 25. Within this period the country has overcome numerous difficulties, has managed to withstand the enemies impinging on its people, resources, and integrity. The Ukrainians have learnt to resist the attempts to deprive them of their motherland and patriotism. The nature-shaping process has been strengthened by the recent events taking place in the east and south of the country. No matter how disturbing the events might be, altogether with the people, the country is undefeated, mighty and strong. Its strength has been revealed by the million hearts beating as one when it comes to fighting... Fighting for home, land, children! We should stand together and keep struggling.

Ukraine has proven to be not only strong in its power but also with its desire to become significant and influential business player. Development and popularization of IT outsourcing services have made the country competitive in the global arena. Software development, product support, and BPO have been among the top issues on the agenda of creating strong and efficient IT sector. That's the task, Ukraine successfully managed to cope with. The path is full of hurdles, yet, possible to overcome.

Best regards, IT Outsourcing Review: Ukraine team!

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