Happy Independence Day!

Dear friends!

On the occasion of the great national holiday of our statehood, Independence Day of Ukraine, we would like to bring our warm-hearted and sincere greetings and wishes. The people of Ukraine are celebrating the 27th anniversary, since the age-long dream of our ancestors to be the masters of the richest, most beautiful and charming Ukrainian land has come true.

Since the times of Kyiv Rus, Ukrainians have sought to live freely, to profess their traditions and customs without experiencing suffering and distress. Throughout its history, Ukraine has undergone numerous fierce attacks from its neighbors that have been trying to dominate our lands. Our nation has courageously fought for its freedom and only this generation, our contemporaries have to proceed with protecting our freedom. The year 1991 became an outstanding year that forever occupied a significant place in the history of the country, a golden page of its biography.

The first steps of independence have become a test for all of us - the test for maturity, patience, tolerance, and, finally, a common sense. Now nobody doubts that the Ukrainian people are able to improve their lives in their own home of their own homeland. We wish our country and people health, happiness, kindness, prosperity, peace, and strength in the name of the independent democratic prosperous Ukraine, a reliable guarantee of prosperity and a happy life of its people. Happy holiday! Let your name be holy forever, Ukraine is my cradle.

Best regards, IT Outsourcing Review: Ukraine team!

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