Is Donald Trump’s victory a threat to the Silicon Valley?

Despite all the predictions, the 2016 Presidential elections results have been one of the most controversial in the American history. Donald Trump’s victory has caused high passions all over the USA and worldwide.

The reality is rather negative – the dollar is falling and this is only the tip of the iceberg. Both American and global media predict dire consequences to the US economy. Especially, the issue bothers the Silicon Valley players disturbed by Trump’s claims “to return the jobs to America” and reduce the outsourcing volumes to Asia and Eastern Europe. Moreover, the racism the world has been trying to fight for years, and which Trump calls for that much is another disturbing issue especially for the world’s largest multicultural country.

The moods

The tech world of America was shaken by the final results announced last Wednesday, since, numerous promises of that-time-candidate to bring the jobs back to America (and obviously Americans did believe that) and cut down on outsourcing mean a lot of changes to the existing states of thing in the Silicon Valley. That means that the current tech industry – government relationship is about to shift drastically. Owing to Barack Obama’s policy, the Silicon Valley has become one of the significant pillars of the US economy, a trendsetter in the technology world. People no longer can imagine their lives without social networks, smartphones, etc. All favorable conditions nourished by the Obama office are on the verge of the breach, aren’t they?

The tech development speed increase bothers Americans even more, since, it threatens, even more, jobs lost. What’s the reason? Let’s take self-driven vehicles. For us it seems a great idea, but how about those drivers, who earn their living by actually working as a driver. No wonder why people supported the Republican candidate. Therefore, to reduce the possible dangers, the techies have to make brand new, advanced steps to attract the audience, not to lose it. Progressive vision is exactly the thing required to get in touch with vaster number of Americans.

Donald Trump vs. Outsourcing: What’s Ahead?

Among everything, Trump propagates antitrust to such giants as Amazon, forces Apple to manufacture its products in the USA, or else, to give the government access to separate devices when there is a suspicion of terrorism or any other threat. Trump vows that other world-known giants like Facebook, Google, and Microsoft have to consider immigration plans of their businesses; therefore, no outsourcing is to be applied. Opinion has it that the aforementioned techies stand at the roots of the global tech boom, which has not done much to increase the number of job places for average Americans, which is not fair. Trump calls the owners of the companies “global elite”, youngsters generating a good bunch of their wealth, without fair sharing. However, the claims are rather controversial if consider the wealth generated by Trump himself owing to the tax evasion in particular. The main thing is that the American policy will definitely change, however, will the threats to software development outsourcing and BPO become true, or have these been empty promises to get elected to the Office? The future will show. Current opinions differ, yet, come to a single conclusion: big businesses drive the American economy, and if repatriation is forcible, the steps are difficult to foresee.

All the predictions still remain the predictions. Donald Trump’s claims and ideas have become not completely trustworthy under various conditions and behavior, however, global tech giants with HQs in the USA and branch offices outside it are still waiting for the actions to be taken. Therefore, the decisions are yet to be made.

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