IT education isn’t a problem for Ukraine
Current world order and trends dictate its own rules to be followed to reach success and gain high earnings. Appropriate education serves as the fundamentals for future prosperous career and success. Fortunately, Ukraine’s education system provides a wide range of options. Today we are discussing the most applied specifications local educational establishment have faced for the past decades inclusive. The updates unveil that over 30,000 annual graduates appertain to IT area.

Types of educational establishments and institutions

We have already touched upon the matter of Ukrainian IT education in Playbook, however, there is a lot more to dwell hereby. A significant share of the educational sphere has been occupied by universities and institutions with state ownership and accredited with the highest, 4th level of accreditation. Of course, private schools, courses and/or clubs also provide training to obtain one of the most acclaimed occupations. Yet, due to kind of vogue directed to IT sector, the moods do not seem to change backward. Meanwhile many economies and its sectors claim a decrease in products and services provided, IT and IT outsourcing are occupying leading positions in the global markets. Local universities can of several types: national, state, or private. This does not necessarily mean that the quality suffers depending on any of the types. One should rather pay attention to the specializations and majors suggested by the institution. IT education in Ukraine is being subject to profound revisions and heated discussions,since, many specialists consider including more practical tasks to enable the students with the opportunity to apply the knowledge obtained and improve their skills.

What are the most popular educational establishments among the IT specialists?

To define the most popular schools, universities, etc. one can apply different constituents like the number of graduates to IT sphere, the number of specialists graduating from educational institutions employed to IT companies both in Ukraine and abroad. As far it's been observed, most school-leavers prefer the National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”, Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University, National University “Lviv Polytechnic”, Kharkiv Radio Electronics National University, and Ivan Franko Lviv National University since these are considered the best universities in Ukraine providing specialized education in IT area. Moreover, the universities cooperate with numerous programs and companies, thus, the students have a chance to use their skills in practice.

Most of the schools have numerous specializations to enter to become an IT specialists: Informatics and Computer Engineering, Hardware and Software Engineering, Applied Maths, Control Automation, Automation and Computer Integrated Technologies, Computer Sciences, and many others. However, a vast number of those working in IT industry do not have to get education and expertise in the aforementioned subjects to work in IT. According to the survey, 26% of all IT staff do not work on software development or programming. The industry also needs managers, linguists, tech-writers, specialists in the economy, etc. Therefore, one should not possess specified technical knowledge in computer technologies, hence, being a software developer to get involved in the most desirable area. Ukrainian universities have a great base for training high-level specialists for other industries as well. Moreover, many IT companies conduct retraining courses to update the expertise of its staff.

Other ways

Many young people prefer self-education or retraining if they wish to change their job. One of the most attractive reasons for joining IT is the salary level, however, one should realize that no one will pay $2000 immediately you are hired. Patience and high performance are the main indicators of successful duties’ compelling. Many enthusiasts organize different clubs, courses, meetings to arrange communication with other software developers, computer engineers, and those related to the industry. For upgrading one's knowledge and get an approval for that, one can visit certification centers usually opened by large IT companies. The main purpose is to meet the requirements of the industry since many companies ask for the proof.

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