IT market in Ukraine – 2016 summaries

2016 is coming to an end, therefore, Ukrainian IT companies started sharing their yearly results.

IT market tendencies

Ukrainian IT market underwent significant growth if compared to 2015 – the number of IT specialists has risen by 12% so far. All of the Ukraine TOP IT companies but Ciklum claimed an increase in the number of their staff. Nothing, however, has changed in the distribution of resources – Kyiv continues employing almost 50% of the specialists, Kharkiv and Odesa show small decrease in the number, whilst Lviv and Dnipro’s companies are generating and employing more talents.

According to there are over 3000 IT companies registered in their database, which if compared to the last year has risen by 29%. As to the number of jobs offers the market increased almost twofold, however, there are on average 8 candidates per 1 position, therefore the competition is rather fierce. Yet, the distribution of responses to a vacancy still significantly differs – a QA vacancy gets over 20 responses from candidates, whilst C++ only 3. Another trend is related to the number of candidates to Project Manager position – the market is currently unable to employ the supply of the given specialists fully.

Today, a significant share of vacancies is open for junior specialists with no experience inclusive. That shows companies’ willingness to educate and bring up the young generation of staff. Such tendency is explained by the growing popularity of IT industry for the past few years and its booming in the global arena. Yet, it would be difficult to find a vacancy for a junior at job sites, since, potential employers rarely post such offers. However, many companies are currently shifting the priorities and also search for high-skilled seniors who are able also to perform PMs’ function as well.

IT schools are at their peak; universities are to fight corruption

This year Ukrainian IT schools and courses have graduated over 30,000 specialists, and, fortunately, a vast number of these finds a job owing to these schools and training. Therefore, only 2,000 vacancies at the most are brought to public.

Considering IT education at universities, many students, including tech ones, complain high level of corruption, therefore, many decide on entering the lower degree educational institution and take IT courses separately. Perhaps, with corruption root-out, perspective for education level improvement is not as far as it may seem.

2016 was full of numerous events and news. Ukrainian IT sector has faced significant changes owing to legislation changes, availability of training, tech camps, conferences, etc. allowing to show the level of Ukraine’s tech world globally.

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    Hi. Thank you for your post but let me share my concerns with you, a lot of good professionals may work freelance. I also think that because of the low wages and some other factors httрs:// Ukraine has become attractive for outsourcing. Maybe in the future in Ukraine will be more R&D companies, and they will need a lot of good professionals. What do you think?

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