IT Outsourcing in Ukraine – Overview

Today, Ukraine has been viewed as one of the top destination for IT outsourcing industry. The reason for this is rather obvious: comparatively low costs for the services, high quality of the products and timely completion of the orders. Over 105,000 of specialists from more than 1,000 outsourcing companies provide great variety of offers that would help to support successful business conduction. Ukraine is considered one of the most accessible nearshore destinations for the UK and Western Europe, as well as, basically, the best option as offshore for North-American partners.

Industry growth

The solid growth of the industry is supported by the constantly increasing number of highly-skilled and reliable specialists, willing to complete even the most difficult tasks. With the desire to promote technologies development in Ukraine, highly-skilled specialists are driven by not only well-paid jobs, but also building a new, world-known nation with an advanced economy. Being called too young, Ukrainian IT-specialists learn fast to provide great results and high-quality products.

Successful development of the Ukrainian innovation hub is approved by such international business giants as Huawei, Boeing, Siemens, Ericsson, and many others. Their entrance into the Ukrainian technological arena means a promising future for both the industry and national economy. Offering a huge number of various software services, engineering solutions, the export volume can hardly be overestimated: in 2014 the exported services brought over $2 bln, and continue its growth until the present time.

The existing size of workforce is another positive sign that goes along with the quality of the outcoming products. As far as the market is enlarging due to high competitiveness, the level of quality vs. price should be attractive for possible partners. Due to comparatively low product costs, if compared to the US or European IT-specialists, Ukrainian markets gains winning positions. However, being at its early stage of development, modern software companies now provide advanced and more complex range of services: from product design to its presentation and promotion, outsourcing and outstaffing. This stage also presupposes yet uncommon gradation of competencies: meaning that a mid-specialist in one company may not correspond to mid requirements in another. Thus, these issues are still left to be classified and standardized.

Cooperation benefits

Undoubtedly, cooperating with Ukrainian IT outsourcing market is beneficial in terms of its geography, vast number of talented IT experts, highly developed scientific base and, probably, the most attractive point is the services availability and their cost. Global recognition by the world’s most influential organizations is another sign of the Ukrainian IT outsourcing industry, as they include Ukraine into their lists of top destinations for the business establishment. The main achievements of the industry have been provided in the report “Exploring Ukraine. IT Outsourcing Industry”, which gathered and analyzed the data from the most influential IT outsourcing observers.

The accelerated consolidation of the industry in Ukraine speaks of resourcefulness corresponding to the existing demand of the current market. Among the most influential one should outline annual reviews by Central and Eastern Europe Outsourcing Association, which analyzes 16 countries of the region in terms of the number of companies, their employees and services provided within a certain period.

Indeed, there are cheaper markets to outsource like Philippines or India. However, price/quality ratio of the Ukrainian IT-hub goes way beyond the aforementioned. This is mainly due to product not process orientation. Moreover, solving complex problems by expertising, analyzing the product, than ensuring an innovative approach towards its implementation and presentation. The main tendencies in IT-outsourcing industry today comprise of legal, real estate, human resources, customer services, procurement, information technology, etc.

Outsourcing industry services are constantly evolving with the number of offers growing aiming at fulfilling all the clients’ needs. Going beyond the limits is what ensures the future success of the outsourcing in Ukraine. Leveraging multi-vendor or multi-functional strategies requires transition and integrated services. The landscape today of the industry reveals the significance of outsourcing decisions influence. All these are grounds for innovative solutions, like clouds for storing data.

By means of advanced analysis and researches the goals are shaped, completion of which attracts the customers and promotes the outsourcing industry and its main purpose. The client, hence, does not need to struggle with the whole bunch of organizational tasks. Many large IT-outsourcing companies have developed full-stack solutions for many industries, hence, there will be no difficulties for introducing a product into the target sphere.


As to the location, the most popular IT centre of Ukraine is Kyiv, the capital city, however, some smaller cities like Kharkiv, Lviv, Dnipro, Odessa are expected to occupy more significant positions in the future. Although some experts claim that Kyiv is the most prosperous from the list due to huge demand of highly-skilled specialists. This has been caused by the flow of the specialists abroad to avoid mobilization, although the salaries there might be smaller. Yet, the great talent pool here is only filling with fresh blood striving for interesting and well-paid job.

To make a successful business, outsourcing is its integral part. Outsourcing to Ukraine is one of the ways out that would definitely be beneficial for customers seeking for reasonable price for a high-quality product. No matter where your business locates, you can always find the best solutions beneficial for your business.

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