Latest updates on Startups from Ukraine

A short overview of startups from Ukraine that have become successful and interesting for the global community.

Flawless App


Flawless App is a tool for iOS developers to compare the expected design and the real app right inside iOS Simulator. Flawless App is integrated right inside your iOS simulator as a plugin. It allows you to fix visual issues on the fly, before they cost you time and money. No need to distract your development workflow by adding any third-party library. Flawless App works out of the box, without any additional setup.

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SolarGaps are solar blinds that automatically track the sun, generating energy while keeping you cool. The company changing the way architecture and green technology is used!

  • Save thousands on your bills. SolarGaps has helped dozens of businesses save on their electricity bills. Scroll down to learn more about how we can help you.
  • Easily install onto windows. With our wide professional installer network, SolarGaps can easily and safely integrate into most offices and high-rise buildings. Contact us today to get started!
  • Beautifully fits into your office. Built to last... and to be beautiful. Don't be fooled by their minimal appearance: SolarGaps are rugged and built to withstand high winds and hail.

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XE is a smartphone case that lets you wirelessly charge your phone over a distance of up to 17ft from the charging base powered by the electric wall socket. The charge station automatically starts charging the phone as soon as it detects the case within its range. The charge base transmits the electromagnetic waves to the receiver in the case, which charges the phone battery. The XE pack includes the smartphone case and a transmitting charge station.

Advantages of TechNovator:
  • SAFETY. XE system operates in the frequency range that is safe for people, animals, and the environment.
  • AUTONOMY. XE system works in autonomous mode, determines when it is necessary to charge a smartphone and its position in the area of access.
  • INNOVATION. XE wireless charging system is based on the latest researches and developments, also based on the main achievements of N.Tesla
  • DURABILITY. XE evenly charges smartphones accumulator providing stability and durability
  • POWERBANK. Case has an internal accumulators that smoothes charge mode of the smartphone and increases the volume of charge.

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Newzmate is content marketing cloud for news organizations powered by machine learning.

  • Personalize the reading experience

    Using a mix of the latest in machine learning technology and content semantic analysis, you can give your users an experience that is more personal than ever before. You can deliver recommendations based on the content that they like to read about, and the news that they are interested in. Grow and engage your audience by giving them a reading experience that is individually tailor-made.

  • Let the content deliver itself

    Teh developers have designed a workflow specifically tailored to the needs of news organizations so that they can focus on achieving their goals instead of simply managing their tools. This hands-free approach results in putting the processes of mailing list growth, content selection and email delivery, all on autopilot.

  • Streamline your revenue growth

    Apply our personalization engine to generate more revenue from commercial content. It can be applied in-house or can use third party advertising to serve ads based on user interest, location or device type, in real-time, on the website or in emails.

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