Lviv IT Outsourcing Forum 2017 – Building healthy IT services  in Ukraine

LIOF 2017 conference will take place on 18th November -

The means of resolving these problems and building such ongoing business will be under consideration during our conference.

Conference goals:

  • To study the experience of leading companies in order to reorganize us as being highly-productive players on global market.
  • To discuss all the possible threats to internal talents market and existing legal and tax principles of work.
  • To open up new possibilities to the most productive owners of companies.
  • To encourage the exchange of experience among the owners of IT service and semiproduct companies.

Questions under discussion:

  • How to unweight the owner of IT-outsourcing company from patching the holes.-When should the prosperous IT-service company take the needed processes to succeed?
  • What is going on in the world market of IT-services?
  • Is it possible to launch the tough company specialization in the branch of technology, domain, market, and product?
  • Examples of service productive companies that have been started up in 2017.
  • How to build up the sales process in the technical niche of the medium-size company? -Administrative changes that drive the growth and transformation to new existing forms.

The program of Lviv Outsourcing Forum 2017 consists of such streams:

  • "Outsourcing Business" stream: Strata, PDS20, products, purchases, investments
  • "BDSM" stream: Upwork, different means of sales, search for the niche and business model, partners
  • "Organizing maturity" stream: company growth, building up of PMО, relations between partners, management system, education, HR, Corporate culture, Recruiting, Taxes, Infrastructure, Contracts.
  • "New technology markets" stream and products: AR/VR, Blockchain, IoT.
  • Closed meetings

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