One to rule them all: Why 80% Of Your Business Depends On SEO

SEO (search engine optimization) is one of the most misunderstood and misinterpreted terms in the marketing world. Being the merger of IT knowledge and marketing, sometimes SEO is perceived as a tool that does not affect the company’s image. Misunderstanding the “SEO” term gets many businessmen, even the most experienced ones, to understate its value as an inseparable part of a good marketing plan for small, medium or even large enterprises. Let’s look at several reasons why high-quality SEO can be even more effective than a regular offline advertisement. Has it really been, as many says, dead for 10 years? And is it enough to have your own knowledge, or is it better to outsource such services?

Traffic and brand awareness

Traffic itself won’t help you make money. Now let me put it this way: where would you like to put your shop window, in a suburban backyard, or right in the middle of a crowded street in a big city full of noise, people and your potential buyers? Not everybody who “walks the main street” is there to help you make money, but many eventually will become your clients.

Of course, you’ll have to do your best to sell goods or services that you have on your website, but it certainly is easier to do business in crowded areas, rather than opening a shop on a deserted island.

What is more important, people coming to your website already have the need and are interested in your goods or services, as they have been looking for companies like yours. To make it happen, you need to optimize your content, images, and video in such a way that Google will direct traffic to your website and eventually people will buy goods or services from you. This is a very time-consuming job, so considering outsourcing for that is actually a great idea.

Talking about Google, this IT giant, it is known that it owns 75% of search engine market, unlike its competitors like Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, and others. It doesn’t mean that other search engines have no influence on brand awareness. This 25 % is not to be ignored completely, but numbers still speak for themselves.

Google is the most visited website nowadays and also the most popular e-mail provider with more than 1 billion users. Most people with internet access visit Google not less than once a day to acquire information. It would be shameful not to use it, wouldn’t it?


Your brand’s properly created Google profile will do more for your brand than any other digital optimization.

Searchers base their psychological evaluation of brands on search results. The presence of your brand in top search rating itself creates trust in users’ mindset. Therefore, it’s quite easy – your site will generate potential clients if it earns certain trust. Like in real life, this does not happen at once. Still, some time is required for optimization. Google search engine needs some time to scan your site for such factors as backlinks quality, users positive behavior, optimized elements and the content itself. It is your proper brand profile at Google that will do more for your brand than any other digital optimization. Companies with professional approach, DL Agency included, have been working on such projects for many years and have a vast knowledge base to ensure best results. Great specialists make sure you can find the relevant info on any of their clients. That is what outsourcing offers you: people with the experience needed to push you forward.

Information about your clients

SEO generates valuable traffic and Google Analytics tracks it. These indicators are valuable because they provide you with the idea of who your clients are, namely, how they search for stuff, how they go through pages, a language they speak, the technology they use, a region where they live, days when they are most active and other. Thus, you get invaluable information that helps to take more justified decisions regarding your business and strategy online and offline as well.

Targeting based on demographics and geography

Thanks to high-quality SEO you will be able to target people directly interested in buying your goods or services. You just invest your money and interest where they are necessary. Therefore, optimization makes your work easier and you don’t need to spend money on people who would never buy your product. Be it age, gender, geography, preferences or any other thing, you can choose indicators and automate them in accordance with your wishes. This type of targeting definitely will increase sales and you’ll be able to achieve your goals.

Cost-saving marketing

SEO is the most profitable digital-marketing type because it is the most economical way to promote your business online. Moreover, your goods or services promotion costs are much lower than if you were investing in an offline advertisement. It also provides a chance to expose your brand to the market and reach your target audience much faster, as it works exclusively with consumers that are interested in your product. It is also important that SEO will help you to increase your presence on the market without geographical constraints. You probably wouldn’t be able to achieve this with minimum costs and using only offline advertisements.

Measurable results

SEO lets us measure everything we do. This helps to have a better understanding of all processes and vouch for the result. Moreover, you’ll know your budget, success or failure, clicks, conversion and other things you can track and fix. Thus, you have the possibility to understand where you’ve been right or wrong without wasting time and money. And aren’t time-saving and low budget the most important for your business development?

Results of fruitful relationships

Dedicated companies haven’t lost any of “past” clients during operations. And in IT industry changing your service provider is an extremely easy thing to do! You simply aren’t tied to complex production and supply chains. And only the best agencies continue partnerships and tech support works with everybody. Some clients revisit for a second time, requesting new websites and projects to be completed. Because some had grown, others had opened a new branch. Surely, growth in prices occurs, in some cases for a few times. However, keeping the price-list open and never hiding a single dollar to be “paid later” by customers is the way to go. Agencies that have implemented this approach, being small or middle-sized, like DL Agency, or big corporations, always win. Cheap never equals fast, creative and with high quality, be it web development, marketing or SEO. You cannot imagine the happiness when everybody understands that. And remember to look for that mojo when choosing an agency! Because making dreams come true is never about work.

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Dmytro Tanasov – CEO of DL Agency, a company with web design and development at its core, specializing also on quality SEO and digital marketing services. The company is a member of UDAC, Ukrainian Marketing Coalition (VRK) and also Google Partner. Company’s performance is highly recognized among its clients from different industries.

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