Outsourcing beyond software development outsourcing

IT outsourcing has mainly been viewed as the software development, however, it comprises of way more constituents. After accomplishment of the development stage, numerous clients consider support as the inextricably linked issue to the software. This is when it is the time to look at the outsourcing wider - good IT outsourcing provider delivers quality custom software for a client; the best ones offers also to outsource the business process which this new software automates. It could be content management for a corporate website developed by the outsourcing company or transaction entry for internal ERP solution where the client will be satisfied with outsourcing repeatable and time-consuming data entry work. In bulk cases, we are talking about a number of different relatively simple but constant processes covered by the Virtual Assistants.

A virtual assistant is BPO specialist who performs a variety of administrative tasks remotely, mainly for small business. Until the recent time Asian (mainly Indian and Filipino), virtual assistant agencies dominated the market outsourcing different administrative, SMM or transcription tasks. English as the native language and well developed IT outsourcing practices in these countries supported the quick development of virtual assistant service in second part of two thousand. However, today Ukraine becomes a noticeable player on the market due to companies like European Virtual Assistant Agency that efficiently combines IT outsourcing expertise with quality and dedication of Ukrainian virtual assistants to compete with the established Asian agencies.

The professional virtual assistants should possess deep expertise in the vast number of tools allowing document processing, web content and social profiles management, contact search and filtering, data search on the internet, and other activities. Usually, virtual assistants cover administrative routine tasks an individual lacks time to cope with. Therefore, opting for this type of service is certainly the right choice. Most often virtual assistants provide the following services:

  • Administrative Support

One of the most difficult and disturbing issues is related to managing e-mails, especially for business owners, who usually receive the whole bunch of them. Moreover, a virtual assistant can also arrange different appointments, invitations, meetings; willing to solve different managerial tasks, communication with clients. These are the issues that require great communicative skills, knowledge in business communication, flexibility, etc..

  • Data Entry

This aspect of business requires thorough investigation and search of the necessary data, and, afterward introducing it into the specific database or system. Such work has a high demand for the veracity of the information, its analysis, and arrangement.

  • Transcribing

This side has often been neglected, although, it occupies a significant niche in the current business process outsourcing. Transcribing might be of great use to the healthcare or insurance companies, especially, when there is a necessity for gathering feedbacks from clients and arrangement of these data into the text for further analysis. This service allows large companies having interaction with clients via telephone conversations, conduct various researches and campaigns in order to discover new information, hear out the clients’ latest requirements.

  • Business for Speakers

Whenever one’s business is related to traveling miles on board, it would definitely require a responsible and reliable person to conduct the affairs and manage all business arrangements. Therefore, the business process outsourcing model will suit the best. For instance, hiring a virtual assistant will not make you rent an office since this person can perform all the tasks remotely. Moreover, you can even leave the speech writing and presentations preparation to your personal assistant.

  • Social Media Management

Today, there exist over 50 social media of different topics and purpose. Therefore, for conducting a successful business, using at least 1/5th of them will definitely add to the business promotion. Indeed, it is rather complicated and complex tasks that require a lot of time and dedication.

  • SEO-optimization

The process of project implementation today can hardly be imagined, if not inextricably linked to the online presence. However, due to a large number of websites and pages, an individual will need a lot more time spent on making the website search engine friendly, being shown on the first pages and have the dense presence in all possible media and pages. This will help to promote the page and allow potential clients to find more about the specific business or project. SEO is a companion of all software projects, therefore, IT outsourcing is another side of business process outsourcing.

Forasmuch as the business requires huge effort and time, a successful business requires wisdom and desire to grow. The outsourcing model can be applied to different stages of one’s business, yet, opting for the appropriate virtual assistant providing full-stack services is a challenging task, which eventually, should bring business to the brand new level. The aforementioned services are only a part of the huge pile of services virtual assistants provide. Ukrainian specialists will definitely be a good option, owing to their flexibility and final result-orientation. Speaking the same language with the customer is the main goal to be achieved within business process outsourcing.

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Ulyana Mysyk is the Head of BPO Department at VAfromEurope, managing the work of the virtual assistants team from Ukraine providing outsourcing services and consulting the clients in all the matters related to outsourcing business tasks to the real professionals as well as showing successful results from the cooperation with the Western partners.

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