Average salary. Current salaries in Ukraine are way lower than those of IT industry specialists. The average salary in Ukraine amounts to $148-150, whilst the one in IT industry starts from $350. Top-5 cities with the highest density of IT specialists are Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv, Dnipro, Odesa. Their salaries are compared in the following info graphic:

Сomparison average salary vs IT

The above scheme shows that the salary is one of the main factors of joining IT industry. And it is clear why there is such a tendency. Salary of web designers, business analysts, QA Tech Lead Software Engineer and ranges from $ 1500 – $ 2500. Well, starting from $ 3000 and above receive a Tech Lead, System Architect, and Program Director.

Average salary by position in IT

This is an average wage, derived by a poll of specialized companies and web studios for the 3Q in 2014. Participants of the survey were not only from Kyiv (44.9%), but also from Kharkiv (18.7%), Lviv (9.3%), Dnipro (8.2%) and Odesa (5.5%).

We have already discussed how the salaries have been changing starting from 2011 in IT INDUSTRY OVERVIEW. Today the situation has improved dramatically: in 2011 Junior’s average salary amounted to $375, whilst, in 2016 it has grown to $550. We also suggest you check the latest updates in the salaries for the Ukrainian IT specialists within 2016 in our Blog.