Overview of the latest Ukrainian startups

A brief overview of Ukrainian startups that have become successful and interesting for the community worldwide.


Cardiomo is a continuous real-time medical-grade cardiac monitor that can help prevent life-threatening events by early alerts for medical attention and ensuring better health through preventive care.

Cardiomo provides wearable remote cardiac monitoring with AI engine to deliver real-time, actionable insights to enable early warning for heart diseases. CardiomoPatch is poised to revolutionize the health and fitness market and create new ways of providing healthcare both in clinical and remote settings. Cardiomo enables patient safety and comfort in clinical settings and provides for long-term diagnostic monitoring while the individual participates in daily activities.

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StreetKast is the casting app. StreetKast helps talent and those who seek for talent connect with each other. Whether you’re a stock photographer looking for a fresh new model, a veteran filmmaker looking for a professional actor, or anything in between – this app can help you.


Traditional casting is usually based on talent databases filled with not-too-often updated photos or videos and rely on casting manager’s opinions and relationships with each talent. Resulting in weeks and weeks of exhausting searches and auditions, often going through the same talents on every new project. It’s as frustrating to the talents, who spend hundreds of hours in lines on numerous auditions with no result. Besides, there are quite a few undiscovered “gems” who for some reason miss auditions, casting databases and other “industry-standard” opportunities. By creating StreetKast authors want to help both the creators and talents connect with each other directly, using only their phone and an app.

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Wyrex is the most powerful fast-charger for phones with 10W and min time needed. Wyrex charges devices wirelessly through Qi, a magnetic-induction technology. The Wyrex pad consists of six hidden parts: four fast charging coils for phones, one coil for smartwatches, and one coil for earphones. Fast charging 10W coils for phones are faster up to 30% compare to standard wireless chargers, that makes Wyrex a great time saver. A multi-coil pad provides more space for charging, so user can always be sure device is connected properly and ready to use.

  • What devices can be charged with Wyrex?

    Here is a list of devices, which compatible with Wyrex: All Qi-enabled smartphones (for Wyrex there is no distinction between iOS or Android phones) Apple Watch series 1, 2, 3 AirPods with a new case or using any market-available Lightning Qi Receivers. Apple announced the new AirPods to be released before the end of 2018 with compatibility to be wireless charged. You can check it on the official Apple website.

  • Is there a way to request a specific design?

    The goal was to create the solution that handles all smart devices’ needs with the modern sense of style. The minimalistic design looks great both on a busy desk or on the bedside table. Now Wyrex is available in black. That could be a stretch goal with the new color option in the future.

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Superorder gives you the power of automation features and convenient interface to trade from a single place using API connection with the exchange of your choice. Enhanced with advanced order types which are not available on exchanges directly.

  • Advanced Orders on any Exchange.While crypto exchanges only allow to trade using simple Limit and Stop orders, Superorders adds advanced order types by handling all logic on its servers.
  • Conditional Strategies – Easy.Catch the drop and buy 3 assets at a time when other asset goes to the certain level and reverses. Alternatively, sell all your portfolio if one of the assets crashes. Sounds hard? With Superorder it's 1 minute.
  • Share Strategies!Made a good strategy or you regularly making trade calls? Use Superorder sharing feature to allow your followers easily copy that.

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MyTalk is the service for forum design. In the modern world, we are privileged to have access to the Internet and its strongest ability to bring people, who share similar ideas, interests, and opinions, together in online communities. Regardless of the subject, whether it’s guitar players discussing the latest gear, cancer survivors or domestic abuse victims sharing their experience and provide support for each other, they became a significant part of people’s life. It is also a place where users can build relationships and friendships. A community for business is a place where consumers can discuss a product and share their ideas, opinions, and suggestions about it.

Steps for creating big and active online community:

  • Start small
  • Become Exclusive
  • Give up control
  • Make it shareable

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