Popular types of projects that companies prefer outsourcing to Ukraine

Many companies, both large and small, choose Ukraine as the IT outsourcing destination for various kinds of services. According to statistics, 60% of the global outsourcing market consists of IT specialists. What are those types of projects the most often outsourced and why? Let’s find out.

Web Design & Development

This type of service is highly demanded now and commonly outsourced worldwide. Ukraine is not an exception, as corporate web design is largely delivered to an offshore software development company. When choosing Ukraine, companies benefit from a large number of highly-skilled web designers, who require the half lower rates than US specialists. Navigation, aesthetical aspect, and credibility of a website are crucial aspects for a business. Ukrainian specialists perfectly understand this, always offering powerful & scalable web solutions. Moreover, offshore web design agencies offer services adjusted to clients’ needs. From simple to complex web solutions, they have always met the client's expectations.

Software Development

Since, more than a half of the Ukrainian IT market consists of software engineers (53% to be precise), no wonder that companies choose to outsource software development services to this country. Additionally, Ukrainian software engineers offer top quality services in this area. In particular, Java, C#, JavaScript, PHP and Python developers are in the highest demand nowadays. When hiring software developers, setting a dedicated development team turns out more beneficial than traditional outsourcing due to several important reasons. These are increased flexibility (you can easily switch your workers to a different project or augment your team), dedication (new employees understand and share your business goals, providing post-implementation support if necessary), and cost efficiency (saves 60% or more).

Game Development

According to research, game development is among services large-scale companies often outsource to Ukraine. This can be explained by a large number of skilled Unity3D game developers, Android and iOS developers in our country. A rich expertise & profound knowledge of these specialists, as well as a high level of motivation, are just a few of Ukraine's benefits. Wargaming, Silicon Studio, Traving Games and many more have chosen Ukraine as their game development service provider. When in need to create high quality & scalable app, companies prefer turning to Ukrainian software development providers.

IT Support Services

Agencies working in various industries prefer to outsource this service to a Ukrainian IT Support Provider. This allows them to free up the in-house resources for more important tasks while ensuring proper management of network, users, and devices. Minimizing IT spendings is also an important asset of tech support outsourcing. In fact, it can save up to 60% costs to business owners. As a result, the company’s operations run smoothly, systems function properly, ensuring timely data backup & recovery. With the only exception: all of this is done on a remote basis.

Of course, each specific case is different, but the general tendency is that Ukraine is a beneficial destination for outsourcing these 4 kinds of services.

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