Rethinking remote work: Managing Partner of Qubit Labs releases ebook about offshore teams – Press Release

Iva Kozlovska, Managing Partner at Qubit Labs, shares her vision for the IT outsourcing industry

Kyiv, Ukraine, 12 December 2018:

Iva Kozlovska, Managing Partner at Qubit Labs, publishes a book Offshore Team 101. This book is a resume of Mrs. Kozlovska’s ten-year experience in recruiting and IT outsourcing: she sums up her knowledge, analyzes various approaches to  outsourcing and shares best practices for building remote office teams.

“It’s natural for people to be afraid of the unknown. And outsourcing is often seen as a terra incognita in business. Everybody is speaking about the advantages of outsourcing, but hardly any dares to show how it works indeed. How do vendors process the request? How do they hire developers? How do they manage teams? Entrepreneurs lack this information, and that’s the reason why rumor mill grinds outsourcing aggressively.”

The purpose of Offshore Team 101 is to subject remote office work to the glare of truth and debunk the most popular myths about outsourcing. The book contains four parts that represent the stages of cooperation with an outsourcing vendor. The first part is dedicated to choosing the right vendor for the company. The second chapter gives the idea of outsourcing forms and their prices. To learn more about hiring processes in IT staffing companies, one can instantly read Part 3. And the last one gives an insight into managing offshore teams.

To download a free copy of the ebook, please visit this page.

About Author

Iva Kozlovska is a Managing Partner of Qubit Labs, IT staffing company that focuses on building dedicated teams and mini R&D centers in Ukraine. Mrs. Kozlovska has been working in human resources from the beginning of her career path: she started as a recruiter and reached a top-level position in an IT company. Her diligent work was rewarded with an HR Brand Award in 2013. Nowadays Mrs. Kozlovska runs her company that helps clients from USA, Europe, and the Middle East to establish their development teams in Ukraine.

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