Salaries in IT: 2018 Overview

IT sphere is the most promising and highly paid industry for today in the Ukrainian market. High salaries and tonnes of opportunities is probably the main things that attract young people to join the IT world. Despite a highly competitive market, the current global situation is only showing an increase in the number of specialists. Ukrainian IT market is not an exception. The popular IT news portal has updated the salary info for Ukrainian IT specialists if the first half of 2018. Check the graphs below to view the dynamics of the salaries in the IT sector.

Average salaries in Ukraine according to their positions 2018

Average salaries dynamics

The graphs are made on the grounds of the most popular programming languages and specialists' positions by cities and in accordance with their experience.

Salary dynamics for PHP, Python, Ruby Engineers Salary dynamics for Java, C#, C++ Engineers Salary dynamics for JavaScript Engineers by cities Salary dynamics for QA Engineers by cities

Below we've analyzed the average salary dynamics from 2013 till present. The salaries for all the positions have grown if compared to the previous year. Therefore, the positive trend reveals a prosperous future in the industry in gerenal.

Salary dynamics for Java Engineers Salary dynamics for PHP Engineers Salary dynamics for JavaScript Engineers Salary dynamics for C#/.NET Engineers Salary dynamics for QA Engineers Salary dynamics for Management

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