Salaries in IT: 2019 overview

With 2019 coming to end, we have prepared an overview of the salaries in the Ukrainian IT sector based on specialists’ positions, experience and technologies they work with.

Despite a tough and controversial political situation as well as military actions in the East of the country, the Ukrainain IT industry is steadily developing regardless of the events. Based on the research by we have summarized the latest salaries dynamics in the IT sector.

Average salaries in Ukraine according to the positions (mid 2019)

Average salaries dynamics based on experience and technologies

The charts below show salary dynamics for engineers between 2016 and mid 2019. Current section reveals the changes in the saalries for the specialists working with Java, JavaScript, C#/.Net, PHP, Python, Ruby as well as provides the general comparison of the salaries on the grounds of experiece amount.

Salary dynamics for PHP Engineers_June 2019 Salary dynamics for Java Engineers _June 2019 Salary dynamics for JavaScript Engineers_June 2019 Salary dynamics for PHP_Python_Ruby Engineers_June 2019 Salary dynamics for C#_.NET Engineers_June 2019

Average salaries dynamics for QA engineers and Management

This section shows the salaries dynamics for QA engineers in general and in Kyiv, Kharkiv and Lviv, in particular. It also provides a salary input into the managerial positions like PMs, Team Leads and Senior PMs.

Salary dynamics for QA Engineers_June 2019 Salary dynamics for QA Engineers by cities_June 2019 Salary dynamics for Management_June 2019

Photocredit: Alexander Mils on Unsplash

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