SEO Day Online Conference

On June 10, WebPromoExperts is hosting SEO Day, a free online conference. You will dive into SEO, link building and Google algorithms.

Speakers lineup:

Ihor Rudnyk (Director at,, Vladyslav Morhun (SEO specialist at LUN & Flatfy, Viktor Karpenko (Head of SeoProfy), Serhiy Koksharov (Independent SEO Promotion Expert, author of the blog), Svitlana Velychko (Founder of Links-Stream Agency), Maksym Fedoruk (Head of SEO at Foxtrot), Bohdan Babyak (CMO at SE Ranking), Ihor Shulezhko (Co-owner of and others.


  • What links do actually work in 2021? Cases
  • What SEO instruments are to be explored to not get bored
  • Why software for SEO audit doesn’t show the whole picture. Case: how bot managed to develop and grow infrastructure to $40000
  • Obvious is unobvious. Insights obtained the during link building process
  • Ways to prove the importance of the SEO to business owners
  • Google Page Experience Update
  • SCRUM for the SEO team
  • Cases: Foxtrot, INTERTOP, LUN & Flatfy, WebPromo

Visit the official website of the event to participate.

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