Software Developers Salary Guide 2018 – Press Release

Tallinn, Estonia, 12 March 2018, -- Qubit Labs recently published a new report, Software Developers Salary Guide 2018 in Main Outsourcing Destinations: Ukraine, Poland, India, and China. Followed by the success of its previous research on average hourly rates earned by programmers in Europe, Asia and the Americas, Qubit has consolidated a report that focuses exclusively on top outsourcing destinations. The report aims to provide executives and top management with the tools to optimize their IT budgets by using the right form of services and choosing the most advantageous outsourcing country.

Qubit Labs builds remote teams of tech professionals for companies in different parts of the world show that outsourcing is a cost-efficient and reliable way of running a business.

“Gig economy and giant corporations that use outsourcing services have been creating a positive impact on the industry, making it more transparent and flexible. Our main goal is to prove that outsourcing is now safer than ever before. And it has developed numerous models that can adapt to the needs of SMBs and big business,” said Iva Kozlovska, Managing Partner at Qubit Labs.

The Software Developers Salary Guide 2018 in Main Outsourcing Destinations: Ukraine, Poland, India, and China gathers all the necessary information to consider these countries for offshore or nearshore development, including the general political situation and cultural similarities. That said, the research mainly emphasizes cost, as it often becomes a decisive criterion for selecting an outsourcing service provider.

“Companies that need software development sometimes base their choice on the final cost, but they forget about factors that can influence the price. These include location, local salaries, and forms of outsourcing. We took these factors as a basis for our new research that allows to evaluate cost-efficiency from a different perspective,” explains Iva Kozlovska. “First of all, we want to show that outsourcing comes in various “forms and sizes”, be it managed or extended team, offshore development center or an R&D office. The way a remote team is managed will influence your overall experience of working with them. Secondly, CXOs get a sound comparative between Eastern and Western outsourcing providers by simply evaluating their talent pools, educational background, and salaries. Thirdly, the survey contrasts software developer’s salaries in the given regions. We included the most popular technologies - web development, PHP, Java, .NET, as well as average hourly rates that programmers get for their job.”

With this information at their disposal, company owners get understanding of the global outsourcing market, and can better choose outsourcing partners for their business.

Download a free copy of Software Developers Salary Guide 2018 in Main Outsourcing Destinations: Ukraine, Poland, India, and China

About Qubit Labs

Qubit Labs is an outsourcing company with headquarters in Tallinn, Estonia and an R&D center in Kyiv, Ukraine. We build and cultivate dedicated teams of professionals, who are joined with an organization as one unit, in order to extend in-house teams or to set up an entire offshore/nearshore development center in Ukraine. We offer a transparent hiring process policy, which significantly reduces the time for recruiting a proper tech candidate. Software developers, architects, QA engineers, PMs – all these specialists can become a part of your extended team or build up a separate offshore team to ensure true value for your business. To contact us, please visit our website.

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