Success stories of Ukrainian companies: 3DLOOK & Pleatpack

With May behind we are taking a look at some of the most interesting success stories of Ukrainian companies. In this post, we are covering the two projects that have caught the community’s attention recently.


3DLOOK is a body scanning technology company dedicated to creating innovative platforms for retail, health, and gaming industries. They provide valuable real-time data to help companies create personalized recommendations for their customers, and make informed business decisions to increase conversion rates, revenue, and customer satisfaction


“Our goal was to develop a seamless platform, which can immediately increase a store’s conversion rate, revenue and customer satisfaction. This is how SAIA from 3DLOOK was born. The solution is easy to use and the result is instant.” says Vadim Rogovskiy, the CEO and co-founder of 3DLOOK, “No more trying clothes on, no more returning what you bought online because it didn’t fit.”

The new platform is easily integrated with apparel e-commerce websites and mobile applications. SAIA instantly provides body measurements from two photos with over 98 percent accuracy, front body and profile body, taken by a customer. No special equipment is required other than a smartphone. An apparel store can automatically suggest items and sizes of clothing that are the best fit for the customer, based on the measurements from scanned photos, provided by 3DLOOK in real time.



Pleatpack produces innovative citizen backpacks, by means of what you have an opportunity to increase the pack's size wherever and whenever you want. Thin 3.5-inch tech backpack with a unique expandable system that allows you to expand the bag from 6 up to 26.7 liters in one simple move. Anti-theft protection and 20 other features for easy everyday use.

Pleatpack went to Kickstarter in order to introduce themselves and promote the product, however, the platform blocked the campaign soon after it was opened (although the necessary sum of $10K was quickly gathered). The company’s representatives have already negotiated the violation and are working on renewing the campaign. Therefore the updates on Pleatrack will be coming in our next publications.

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