The Latest News from Ukrainian Digital World

Ukrainian Internet users have been heatedly discussing the closure of popular file sharing websites with content breaking the copyright (movies, series, different files). What other issues have shaken the Ukrainian web world? We have prepared a brief outline of the main tech related news.

Good bye FS.TO,, and

Popular file hosting FS.TO has been announced closed by the special unit of the National Police – Cyber Police. However, and have decided to quit on their own. Now, the police have promised to locate and eliminate the existing file hosting in order to make Internet users pay for the appropriate content as it should be. This notion is wide-spread all over the USA and Europe. Therefore, we would expect Ukrainian web become filled with more paid content with high-quality material.

5G in Ukraine

New wave of research has covered Europe. It is devoted to the development of new software for the next generation of mobile connection. The Ukrainian commission of the connection regulation is currently negotiating one of the European mobile service providers the opportunities for Ukrainian IT specialists to join the development teams. Since Ukrainian IT arena is growing, it can provide vast testing platforms. The main goal is to eliminate the difficulties faced while introducing 3G. In that case, Ukraine has been left some 10 years behind USA and Europe.

UA Internships

Ukrainian students have a chance to win an internship in one of the global tech giants – Microsoft, Twitter, Facebook, or Google. The program has been initiated by the Ukrainian IT specialists working in the Silicon Valley, Bohdan Kulynych, Arsen Kostenko and Danylo Fitel. They claim that Ukrainian students have little chances to gain the right for the internship in these companies. Therefore, there should be appropriate CV and interesting projects. The best students will be recommended by Kulynych, Fitel, and Kostenko via their internal systems, therefore the chances for being noticed by the world’s most successful companies are higher, yet nobody gives 100% guarantee. Potential interns will have to take serious preparations to an interview and have upper intermediate English level.

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