Ukrainian online life is changing, yet, startups get more success

Last week has shown significant changes to the Ukrainian online world in general and brought some positive results to the Ukrainian startups as well. We would like to analyze the impact of the ban on the Russian services and the most popular social media on the territories of post-Soviet countries.

eTachki entered the Polish market under the brand anyCars

eTachki, the Ukrainian online auction of the used cars, has launched a similar project in Poland under the brand anyCars. Warsaw has become the first city where the service was set up.

Service anyCars will function upon the same principle as in Ukraine. First, the seller conducts a preliminary evaluation of his car on the website, after which he visits the nearest office of the company for a technical inspection. After the inspection, the company's employees turn it into a digital lot and publish it for a half-an-hour closed bidding. According to the results of the auction, the seller is offered a maximum price, and if he’s ok with that, then the deal is concluded immediately. The bidding process takes 30 minutes in general. Now the company has 32 branches in Ukraine and one in Poland. eTachki has reported, "several thousand transactions" conducted in Ukraine. Startup's turnover in 2016 has doubled if compared to 2015.

Good bye .ru ???

Last week the Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko signed a banning order against the Russian social media Vkontakte as well as other Internet services like, Yandex and others. Ukrainian users of the aforementioned services have split in their opinions: half of them supported the President's decision, whilst the other half claims the ban as the violation of their rights. However, practically, a short number of the Internet users has really made a research to get know what's the reason behind the access blocking. Many political scientists consider the ban as one of the most unpopular decisions of the President. But is it really so? The Security Service of Ukraine claims the given resources are liable for revealing users personal information to the governmental services. In order to follow and punish those responsible for rebelliousness and showing resistance to pro-Putin's position. Again, pure politics. Nothing special. Statistics show that over 40% of the Ukrainian users of Vkontakte, Yandex, Odnoklassniki, and easily quit using the services.

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