Ukrainian startups attract new investments

Ukrainian startups have been gaining popularity among the American investors. Many companies have been acquired by the Silicon Valley giants.

Kharkiv-based startup Galactic Exchange has raised $ 1.25 million from Silicon Valley.

Ukrainian-American startup Galactic Exchange, which works with Big Data, raised another round of Silicon Valley funds last week. The round was attended by the same investors as a year ago - Floodgate Capital and Signia Ventures. The size of the round amounted to $ 1.25 million. The funding will be spent on the opening of a sales office in the Silicon Valley, as well as the expansion of the company’s Kharkiv office. Currently, the startup has two offices - in Menlo Park, and Kharkiv, 10 people work in the latter.

The startup has recently come out from stealth-mode and announced about their product. The startup’s creators claim that with the help of their technology the Hadoop cluster can be collected within five minutes. This service is free in the basic version for small companies. Moreover, the free version has a limit on the amount of the recorded data – it’s up to 1 TB. Paid version is planned to be the source of income from larger companies.

Konstyantyn Kladko, the startups’ co-founder told that they currently have several large customers, including San Jose (CA), for which they develop Big Data platform, and continue establishing the number of clients working in the direction of Smart City. It is also planned to announce own app store in Big Data area in September.

Ukrainians startup Rentberry raised $320,000 from investors in Google, WP Global Partners and Boston Venture Fund.

Platform for renting accommodation in California, Rentberry, founded by the Ukrainians, has attracted a new round of investment. CEO of a startup, Oleksiy Lyubinskyy said that the project obtained $320,000 from the representatives of Google, WP Global Partners and Boston Venture Fund. The money are planned to be spent on the development of new features, as well as product marketing.

Rentberry is a platform for a long-term accommodation rent in the US. All processes like checking the apartment, signing of contracts and monthly payments - come online, the landlord can also check with the help of a credit history tenant. The fish of Rentberry is that the price for the accommodation rent can be offered by the renter, thus, literally transforming the process delivery-lease into an auction. Since, San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles and other big cities have very high competition for housing, hence, such function could be the gold mine for the owners.

This is not the first round of investments to Rentberry: in December 2015 the startup raised $845,000 from investors worldwide and was rated in $3 million, not having the finished product. Platform launch took place only in May, after which Rentberry was noticed by a number of popular media in the United States, including CBS, Vanity Fair, Independent and others.

Rentberry was founded by the Ukrainians Oleksiy Lyubinskyy, Liliya Ostapchuk and Arsen Kostenko. Most of the team is located in Kyiv, three of them - in San Francisco. According to Oleksiy, since the launch the team was joined by the developers and engineers who "decided to leave their places in outsourcing companies in Ukraine for the sake of our ideas and participate in Rentberry”.

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