Ukrainian Startups: Brief Overview

A brief overview of Ukrainian startups that have become successful and interesting for the community worldwide.



DreamTeam is infrastructure platform and payment gateway for esports and gaming.

DreamTeam acts as a secure transactional point for esports, just like PayPal. It encompasses prize-money payouts, players’ salaries, and transfers, sponsorship and advertising deals or media rights sales - all enabled by the security of payment via smart contracts.

DreamTeam is connecting all of the market players under one roof and acting as an entry-point for esports and competitive gaming: from professionals (players, coaches, analysts managers, etc.) to teams, tournaments, and businesses (sponsors, platforms, and advertisers).

DreamTeam provides every possible tool for esports mass adoption and unlocks a $50Bn market for hundreds of millions of gamers and thousands of advertisers and sponsors.

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Hushme is a personal acoustic device that protects speech privacy and reduces noise pollution when speaking on the phone in an open space environment. Hushme has three modes: normal headset mode, passive voice muffling mode and active voice masking mode.

  • Passive voice muffling mode. Hushme`s passive voice muffling mode is provided by the innovative insulation materials, that are embedded inside the mask and by the cushion muffs, made of hypoallergenic silicone. Special sound-absorbing foam is used as a sound-absorbing filler. Whole inner surface of the device is painted with a special sound-absorbing paint.
  • Active voice masking mode. Hushme uses a dedicated App to synchronize with your smartphone, which enables you to choose masking sounds from the library, upload your customized sounds, adjust volume, etc.

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Preply is a platform for learning subjects, languages or hobbies with tutors of your choice. When you choose a tutor you can use filters in «Find tutors» section to narrow the search results for your needs and budget range. You can choose the specialty needed, specify the price range, preferred time for studying etc. If you need to clarify any details before making a decision while choosing a tutor, you can send a personal message directly from the search results or profile page of the selected tutor. After the lesson, the tutor can correct the duration and give a summary of the lesson. He can also add a homework assignment. The platform will automatically send you a request to confirm and evaluate the lesson.

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