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This week we are starting with talking about Ukrainian startups. This our regular digest, therefore, contact us if you’d like to share a story of your startup.



CiviMobile is a native application that allows CiviCRM users to leverage the combined benefits of the software and their smartphones. Many users of CiviCRM crave the opportunity to have organizational contacts available on the go. What is more, now, when mobile devices have become our reliable organizers and companions, wouldn't it be great to use them to improve organizational processes boosting personal efficiency and time management? Using the mobile app for CiviCRM, you will have an easy way to reach organizational contacts and access activities, cases and events – something members need and lack most when doing a fieldwork. CiviMobile is a native mobile application, not a mobile version of the web design, so you will enjoy an increased processing speed and will be able to use unique smartphone features, e.g. a scanner when using the app.

CiviCRM is a free open source CRM, which best meets the needs of NGOs and nonprofits. Its out-of-the-box functionality allows organizations to manage fundraising, membership, activities, cases, events, campaigns, etc., which are all vital components of the organizational activity. Numerous publicly available extensions, including the ones developed by Agiliway, can further enhance the software features to best meet the needs of your organisation. Although CiviCRM is a mature CRM software, CiviMobile is the first and only mobile application developed for CiviCRM users.

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Gravitec is an easy-to-use service for push notifications automation. is:

  • an ambitious startup in the field of modern marketing;
  • specialists who participated in the first developments of technology push-notifications;
  • 20 professionals from different cities of Ukraine;
  • more than 2000 clients in the world;
  • representative offices in Ukraine and Poland.

Our goal is a quality service worldwide. We "preach" the ideals of the best practice in everything related to our work: the most effective technologies, the best approaches towards communicating with the client, the optimum comfort within the company.

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