What the future holds for the Ukrainian IT market: the latest news?

IT industry in Ukraine has been distributing the influence and strengthens its position in the global IT arena. Since the beginning of 2017, local tech market has undergone several interesting events that would prove the promising forecasts related to the IT sector growth.

UNIT.City – the innovation park of the future

UNIT.City is viewed as one of the main large-scale projects of the kind in Ukraine. It’s buildings and planning resemble of the campuses global tech giants like Google and Apple have. The investors and directors of UNIT.City claim that their project is an innovation park that would make a unique “town in the city” with everything necessary for the appropriate functioning of the tech companies and creative industries. Moreover, the aim of the projects is to establish the brand new branch for the Ukrainian economy that would only add to the country’s growing IT industry. The funders and investors expect the representatives of both Ukrainian and international product companies would use the UNIT.City as the place for their R&D centers; start-ups will have a great place for growing and developing.

UNIT.City is located on the territory of the former moto-factory in Kyiv. The overall territory is quite impressive – at about 25 hectares to be packed with a business campus, sports complex (free of charge for the residents of the park), and a café. Another part of UNIT.City is occupied by the UNIT Factory Programming School, which is considered the main educational element of the park. The School is actually viewed as the milestone for further establishment of the territory into the innovation park. There is also another educational project – Bionic University that successfully functions nearby the School.

Relocate.me – a platform for job relocation seekers

Ukrainian team has established the project called Relocate.me . It is a brand new platform for IT specialists that are not only looking for a job but also ready to relocate to another town, city or country. The given service is free for the registered specialists, however, employers should pay on average 250€ per vacancy posted. In order to attract foreign specialists to Ukraine and allow the Ukrainian IT specialists to have more relocation opportunities, the Project’s team allows free vacancy posting within 3 months.

The Project’s main “mission is to promote a relocation package as an integral part of any company, hiring from abroad, and the tech industry as a whole. It should be the same standard as a coffee machine or table tennis in every modern IT office.”

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