X Banking Business Forum “FINANCIAL AND DIGITAL ECOSYSTEMS FOR SME. Update 2020”

Date: 4 September 2020. Location: "Premier Hotel Rus" (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Who is invited to participate in the Forum:

  • Representatives of small and medium businesses.
  • Specialists in the banking sector, financial, investment and micro-credit companies.
  • FinTech and IT companies, as well as developers of various non-financial services and services for SME.
  • Professionals and experts in the field of financial and digital technologies.

Key Forum Topics This Year:

  • SME as a point of interaction. Trends of the New Decade 2020 - 2030.
  • Digital technologies, ecosystems and marketplaces for SME: what are and what will be.
  • Why does the bank need an ecosystem and is it realistic to survive in traditional banking for 10 years.
  • Scaling of SME and customer growth strategies within the bank. The ecosystem around the customer path.
  • How banks can use ecosystems to lead SME.
  • Loans for SME: tomorrow's challenges. How the pandemic has affected SME lending?
  • Why alternative non-bank products are growing faster. Leasing and factoring for SME - growth drivers.
  • Focus is on AGRO. What is the strategy of banks to finance and develop SME in the agricultural sector?
  • Bank of the future for SME. What is the bank’s real benefit to customers and will the future client need the bank?

Why visit Forum 2020:

  • 20+ reports from professionals and experts of the financial market.
  • Opportunity to participate in current discussions and discussions.
  • The ability to present your brand and services to the target audience.
  • Informal communication with potential customers.
  • Business networking with invited speakers, experts and Forum participants.

Forum participation fee (for one participant):

Participation in On-line format - 2900 UAH (or 99 euros)

When registering and paying before 31 August (standard price) - 5500 UAH (or 200 euros)

At registration and payment from 1 September - “late bird” - 6 500 UAH (or 250 euros)

Additional bonuses and promotions:

  • When registering and paying before 31 August, the offer is valid 1 + 1 = 3 !!!
  • For representatives of SME (Production and Agro.Companies) – participation is free, with a mandatory preliminary registration.
  • In addition, it is possible to participate in the status of the Sponsor or Expo-Partner of the Forum

You can register following the link


Forum Organizers – Company «BUSINESS-FORMAT»

tel/fax: (+380 56) 375-72-80, 375-72-81, 375-72-82, 375-72-03 – office/multi-channel



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