Business in Ukraine: Visa Obtaining

In an era of technology growth, Ukraine is amidst the countries with a highly increasing number of foreign clients outsourcing their IT development as well as BPO. Today, we’d like to dwell into the matter of traveling to Ukraine. Namely, how to get a visa, arrange all the necessary documents and avoid possible pitfalls.


Initially, an applicant to obtaining a visa should take into account that within this procedure place of residence doesn’t impact much but citizenship does. Before starting the arrangements, one should take into account large amount of red tape to go through. Therefore, in all the countries there are companies offering their services of arranging all the required issues for you (for additional payment, of course). The steps to be done in order to successfully accomplish the procedure of obtaining visa and be allowed to enter the territory of Ukraine include application of the following documents:

  • invitation from a company registered in Ukraine (legal persons) or natural persons (less bureaucracy and time unlike the legal person’s invitation). NOTE! The invitee may submit a photo copy of an invitation while applying for visa, but must bring its original at the interview;
  • passport

All the documents may be submitted at any world country where Ukraine’s Embassy or Consulate is. It is sometimes easier to get visa to Ukraine. From an experience of our partners, an Indian citizen residing in Europe gets visa to Ukraine 100%, whilst getting the same in India is challenging a time-consuming procedure. Therefore, if there’s such an opportunity to apply from outside India, the option is better. Generally, visa may be obtained within 10 days after the interview.

Although, it is not very difficult to get to Ukraine, the total period for obtaining a visa for non-EU citizens and those from Latin America may take up to 1 months, therefore arranging such trip should be considered beforehand.

One of the issues influencing the positive reply from the Embassy is the purpose of travel. This will also define the term for staying within the country. We have already discussed types of visas and regulations related to them in our previous posts as well as reviewed the main transportation issues including the list of countries having free-visa travel or easier terms to enter Ukraine in our Playbook.

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