Going to Ukraine?

Since the Ukrainian IT sector is facing significant growth; the ongoing process of visa simplification is under current discussion. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine is reviewing current legislation to facilitate the international communication with Ukraine and grant potential clients and investors to Ukrainian IT market with less red tape procedures. For an eased traveling connection, Ukraine has widely established air and land transportation.

Types of visas, categories, validation, issuing grounds and processing

B or Transit visa is allowed for issuing only for transit passing of Ukraine’s state borders to a third destination. Be that cargo or vehicle travelers, the officials should be provided with the proof of forwarding traveling. The visa validity period will not exceed one year if other has been specified in accordance with the current legislation. As to the documents, the following ones are required along with the application (full list of the documents is available from the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs):

  • confirmation of transit traveling – a third destination visa, vehicle ticket, etc.;
  • confirmation of cargo and/or passengers in transit;
  • document proving legal nature of transportation services – license, etc.

C or Short-term visa is issued for 90 days within the provided 180 days since the first entering the country. Among the documents for issuing this type of visa an individual is to present (full list of the documents is available from the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs):

  • an invitation from a person, or entity, a ministry, a state institution, an organization or other authorities, etc.;
  • contract proving the nature of goods, cargo or passengers international transportation;
  • documents proving an individual is a tourist under the current legislation;
  • treatment facility document or invitation;
  • a document from a religious organization or institution;
  • foreign mass media representatives coming to Ukraine under the professional duty;
  • members of diplomatic missions or consular services, or persons granted visa issuing by the aforementioned representatives of consular services or diplomats, etc...

D or Long-term visa is subject to issuing for the foreign citizens for the period of not more than 90 days for the sake of arranging the documents for obtaining the legitimate purpose for staying in Ukraine (temporary or permanent resident card, or any other ID allowing the stay in the country for a long-term period). F-type visa can be also issued by the Consulate General or the Diplomatic Mission of Ukraine. To apply for the long-term visa, an application should be supported with one of the documents listed below (full list of the documents is available from the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs):

  • the employment permit or its certified copy;
  • invitation from the Ministry of Education and Science for study or internship in Ukraine;
  • invitation from an agency for sports, science, volunteer program, culture, education, etc...

A foreigner applying for a visa might be also asked for additional conversation/interview or documents supporting the traveling objective. The requirements related to the traveling documents or passport include valid passport for not less than three months; issuing year not earlier than 10 years with at least two spare pages. For minor children, the visa processing procedure requires permission from parents or representatives, and other documents.

Documents applied for a visa are usually processed within fifteen calendar days (possibly more, depending on the requirements). If applying for an express visa (processed within less than 15 days), a person will pay the double price due to burning processing period if possible.

We also recommend visiting the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ official website for advanced information provided you have not found the required information peculiar to your passport and country.

Travelling communication

What makes Ukraine especially attractive is the location: practically in the middle of Europe and Asia, which magnetizes both potential clients and investors seeing the prosperous future of Ukraine's IT outsourcing market.

Ukraine's cities comprising the TOP-5 of IT outsourcing destinations: Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv, Dnipro and Odesa offer vast options of travelling communication, including international air traffic, busses, trains, etc. What makes Ukraine even more enticing is that it does not matter where you come from: it is easy to get here from the world's largest cities. For instance, if compared, the distance from Kyiv to London is 2402 km, to Berlin is 1347 km, to New York – 7520 km, whilst Delhi – London is 6719 km, Delhi to Berlin is 5787 km, and Delhi to New York – 11768 km.

You can also check our Playbook for additional information on air transportation to Ukraine.

According to the recent information by Pavlo Klimkin, Ukraine’s Foreign Minister, Ukraine is on the verge of signing the agreement with EU on non-visa required for Ukrainian citizens. The decision is to be taken within few months, although, it has been promised for a while already.

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