Destination: Kyiv

Ukraine Kyiv

General information. The largest city from this list is, of course, Kyiv – the capital city of Ukraine and the biggest IT pool in the country. With the population amounting up to 3 million people, it resides almost 47% of all developers in Ukraine. It’s not surprising the majority of outsourcing companies and highly qualified IT specialists are here. Kyiv attracts resources from smaller cities and from all over Ukraine as a place for relocation with greater opportunities.

Location. Kyiv is located in the northern Ukraine, closer to Belarus and Russian Federation, hence, its services are provided to the aforementioned countries more unlike the western regions which are more Europe and America-oriented. However, Kyiv’s companies are also leaders among those involved into the projects of local value (orders often come from governmental organizations).

Education. The city has 68 universities that allow preparing skilled personnel for IT outsourcing market. Among the most popular universities of Kyiv providing higher education for IT specialists is the National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, National Aviation University.

Cost of living. Along with the largest IT talent pool, Kyiv is the most expensive region, both in terms of salaries and the cost of living. According to the research, if compared to the USA (taken 100 points), cost of living index equals to 29 in Kyiv (taken the expenses on apartment rent, prices on food and household services, etc.)

Salaries. Average salary in Kyiv varies between $1300-2200 for developers, programmers, QAs, etc, whilst support’s salary starts from $175. Look for complete chart in the Playbook.