QA fwdays’20 conference

Enough tests? If you are a QA engineer, have you ever wondered this question? And about others. Some of them will be covered at the QA fwdays'20 conference, which will take place on November 14.

Fwdays will spend one day with talks and two weekday evenings with additional formats: deep dive, webinar, or something else, no less practical.

Speakers: Svyatoslav Login (, Dmitry Kovalenko (Cypress core team), Anton Serputko (EPAM Systems), Anton Muzhailo (GlobalLogic), Vyacheslav Sakharov (Playtech), Nikita Kryachko (Expert in performance testing).

We have also scheduled a discussion on "The role of the tester: automator vs manual", moderator - Alexei Burdin.

The conference is online, participation is free or with extended access to the package "Standard" and "Premium" with an offline eco-bag.

Click here to register and get additional information about the event.

To get the 10% discount off the ticket price, don’t forget to use our promo code 665F1E632E

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