Vue.js fwdays’20

28 November for the first time in Ukraine, there will be a conference related to the Vue.js for developers who use the Vue.js framework in their project ─ Vue.js fwdays’20.

You can take part in the conference as a speaker. If you have experience with Vue.js, the desire to improve your speaking skills and share knowledge with others on the following topics:

  • Composition API
  • Vue 2.6 to Vue 3 migration
  • Vue 3 Approaches
  • Component Libraries (Vuetify, Bootstrap-vue)
  • Nuxt.js
  • Vue Testing
  • Vue performance optimizations
  • Vue best/bad practices
  • Vue DX overview
  • Vue.js ecosystem
  • Vue.js3 with TypeScript, and other

Click HERE to fill in the Call for papers form till 30 October inclusive.

Let's develop the Vue.js community of Ukraine together!

Register for free or choose the ticket from the “Standard” or “Premium” package on the web-site

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