Ukrainian IT Markets Overview: Konotop

Today's post continues our series on the IT clusters and associations in Ukraine. In our previous post, we've talked about Chernivtsi, Vinnytsia, and Ivano-Frankivsk.

Konotop: general overview

Konotop is a city of the regional importance in the Sumy region of Ukraine. It is located on the river Jesuch, in the northern part of Ukraine. City of Cossack glory, located in the most picturesque and environmentally friendly part of Siverschyna. First of all, known for thanks to the "Konotop witch" (Kvitka-Osnovyanenko) and the famous "Konotop battle", when the Cossacks and Tatars defeated the Moscow army and world-renowned artist, Kazimir Malevich, the creative path began in Konotop. Today, we can be added to these facts activities the Konotop IT Cluster, which glorifies the city in the field of IT in Ukraine and beyond. With the population almost 100 thousand people, the town manages to develop and promote the IT sector as well as other sectors of its economy. There are over 20 industrial enterprises as well as a vast number industrial construction sites to be invested in. As of the official data, the town flourishes owing to private entrepreneurs and local businesses (over 4000 entrepreneurs are registered in the town).

Konotop IT Cluster

Konotop IT Cluster is a public organization uniting leading IT specialists of the region and striving to implement information technologies into everyday life of the town performing this in collaboration with educational establishments and municipal authorities. They are willing to make Konotop comfortable and successful European town.

Konotop IT Cluster supports and implements projects contributing to the development of the IT sector, assisting in positive city image design and creating the environment for clear business running, career upward moves and comfortable life. You can view the Cluster Activity Report 2018.

Members of the public organization are constantly improving themselves, mastering new highly potential industry sectors concerning technologies of the future and international cooperation. Konotop has great potential for IT development. This is a credit not only to the cluster but also to the history of the city. It was a powerful industrial center in the twentieth century. If you want to learn more about Konotop and it's financial opportunities, click here to request the presentation.

Today, the Cluster has 5 member companies working in the following areas: software development, digital marketing, telecommunications, IT consulting, etc. As well as more than 20 partner companies we work with, but they are not members of the cluster. The leading IT player in Konotop is Grodas LLC, which collaborates with the US and EU countries and specializes in developing e-commerce software applications.


At the moment, the primary goal is to grow and develop the IT community in the city. That is why the main focus of the cluster is IT education. We are introducing educational programs (web development courses) and new educational approaches (dual education) for young people in order to get the latest quality IT education. We also help talented young people find employment in local IT companies, adapt and support them.

Konotop has a lot of different public and private educational establishments from preschool to higher and technical institutions. The numbers are impressive taking into account the size of the town:

  • 14 preschool educational institutions;
  • 17 secondary and boarding schools;
  • 9 higher and technical-professional educational institutions.

The Author about the future of Konotop and its financial attractiveness

With regard to future plans, we want to bring together more IT teams, help them realize their business ambitions and help them develop. And this will have a proportional impact on the development of the IT industry in the city and correlates with the main goals of the organization. Konotop is a financially attractive town due to several reasons. First of all, the town has a very beneficial and easy-to-get location by the road or via railway; secondly, qualified staff and, thirdly, availability of the areas for R&D centers.

About Author

Viktoriia Drofa is the Educational Program Coordinator for Konotop IT Cluster.

Photo: Konotop

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