Is that all about salary?

Considering growing interest toward IT specializations, you claim salary is the most significant issue. Those involved in the industry argue with that. But this is not the only thing to put in favor of the industry. We are analyzing why such high percentage of people choose IT and comparing the salaries in different regions of Ukraine.

Having various data compared, the salary rise has been at the stable and certain pace: many IT posts today are two or even three times higher paid than they were some 4 years ago. The recovery after the Revolution of Dignity and healthy functioning within war state is something that proves: no matter what happens, the industry is strong enough to survive and even more - to grow and develop. DOU, one of the biggest Internet resources devoted to IT and all things related to it constantly updates the information and numbers on salary and prices. The Ukrainian developers are valued for their high skills, attitude toward work and performance, attention to details. To get a highly-paid job, developers (well, not only they) need to have, except good knowledge and experience, client-oriented vision, since their function is to satisfy all the requirements and search for the best solutions amidst the whole pile of suggestions. Some claim, and we cannot disagree, that working with a freelance developer is cheaper, however, is not highly recommended. Although, you consider him or her reliable, hiring a company as your software developer is more advisable. Surely, the prices differ (for instance, hiring freelance developer will start with $2800 for senior, and if you decide to contact big IT company the price will reach up to $5000). We will discuss the details in further publications and Playbook.

The size of salary. Of course, depends on your position and experience. Say, an average salary for a Junior QA starts from $650, yet, depending on the projects and their number and Mid’s is over $1000; whilst Team Lead and Senior PM’s salary reaches $3700 and higher. Thus, if dwelling into the advanced discussion on the matter the following issues of location, skills and knowledge and experience are the constituents of your salary.

First of all, where do you work? Kyiv is considered the first in terms of salary size, however, if to mind the cost of living index, which is the highest in Ukraine, it is necessary to take a careful thinking whether opting for the capital city or not. The average salary in Kyiv varies from $1300 to $2200 and higher. Support staff’s salary starts from $175. Kharkiv, the runner-up among the Ukraine’s centers for software development, has really great opportunities for promoting its IT hub. Salaries there for support staff start from $148 and $1300-1800 for developers and management. Its costs of living index is a bit lower than of Kyiv’s, however, military conflict scares away both potential clients and specialists in favor of other regions. Lviv, being third in Ukraine, is considered the cheapest for living among the G5 of Ukraine’s IT outsourcing destinations. Moreover, its growing share in the market and promising future are among the main advantages over the other destinations. Unlike the aforementioned, the salary for support staff is the lowest – from $146 and higher. Dnipro’s developers and management salary start from $1600-2000 and higher. One of the reasons why the average salary is higher in Dnipro than, say in Kyiv, we should take into account close neighborhood with Donbas region, which has been subject to the military pro-Russian occupation for 3 years already. Odesa is the fifth leading IT city of Ukraine. However, the salaries it offers are almost equal to Kyiv’s; yet, its location is extremely attractive and tempting for seaside admirers.

"junior developer – 0 - 2 years middle developer – 2 - 5 years senior developer – 5+ years"

Many specialists claim that salary matters, but it’s not the most important factor. Current researches show that IT companies aim to create the most favorable conditions for their workers. Gyms, kitchens, playrooms, open-air work rooms, etc. are only a small part of what can be found in modern IT companies offices. In such a way the productivity is claimed to be higher, clients satisfied, a company gains more advantages and promotion. Everyone is happy and delighted. Whenever you consider an option of joining IT today, what is the most attractive for you?

All the issues related to the salary division according to programming languages and technologies can be found in our Salary Playbook chapter . For additional information on TOP-5 IT destinations check Playbook and Blog.

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